“All ingredients need salt. The noodle or tender spring pea would be narcissistic to imagine it already contained within its cell walls all the perfection it would ever need. We seem, too, to fear that we are failures at being tender and springy if we need to be seasoned. It’s not so: it doesn’t reflect badly on pea or person that either needs help to be most itself.” 

― Tamar AdlerAn Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace

The Salt Cure is a project of Laura Bandel, who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 

I launched The Salt Cure in 2015, working in both porcelain and stoneware ceramics, with a focus on organic forms and colors that reflect the natural world. The name is inspired in part by a passage from Tamar Adler's wonderful book An Everlasting Meal, in which she describes the beauty of disparate parts coming together to build a better whole, and the old idiom that "salt water cures everything" which is something people quote almost religiously in the parts of Florida I grew up in. Most of my work is hand-built and I try to infuse organic shapes into the sculptural forms of my pieces. I love the simplicity of ceramic materials and how literally straight from the earth the clay is; I always try to let a little bit of raw clay peek through on finished pieces out of respect to the beauty of the unadorned natural world. 



The Salt Cure is created alongside the lovely studiomates of Clayspace in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Come check us out!